What Are The Different Types Of Coffee Beans?

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Contrary to the common perception, coffee is the most diverse kind of beverage to have ever been discovered. While there are distinctive types of coffee beverages like espresso, cold coffee, black coffee, decaf, and more, there are also a variety of coffee beans, and believe it or not, each of these types is drastically different from the other in terms of texture, taste, and aroma. 

Discovered in the great Ethiopian forests in the mid-15th Century, coffee has been a fuel for all of mankind across the globe. Ever since its inception, this caffeine-based beverage quickly made its way through all parts of the world as a rejuvenating and energizing morning and evening cuppa. While we all like coffee, we remain in the dark about the different types of coffee beans that are worth exploring!

There are four important coffee types popular around the world - Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Liberica. The four have entirely different taste profiles. With exquisite coffee making machines like Gaggia’s coffee makers, you also need exquisite quality coffee beans. Let’s dive into the specifications of each of these distinctive coffee beans. 


Renowned as one of the highest quality coffee beans, Arabica is a premium kind of coffee that is consumed worldwide. Around 60% of the world’s coffee falls under the Arabica variants. Take your coffee machine for a whirl and enjoy this delicious coffee variant at home! 

The arabica coffee beans are cultivated in high-altitude areas that witness ample rainfall all year round. The coffee beans grow in fields that have plenty of shade to offer and a nice and cool temperature throughout. One of the most prominent reasons why the Arabica variant of coffee is the most largely used and produced coffee type is its low maintenance rate. These tiny shrub-like coffee plants need almost no care and external nourishment. They flourish naturally, given the proper environmental conditions. Thus, it becomes easy and cost-effective to cultivate the arabica coffee beans. Despite the low maintenance, Arabica is one of the strongest flavored coffee with a prominent aroma and taste. Since this variant is easily available commercially, you can indulge in the finest quality Arabica coffee at the most reasonable prices. 


Amongst the different types of coffee beans, Robusta is produced on the second-most largest scale in the world after Arabica. This type of coffee is produced in areas with a slightly lower rainfall rate and lesser altitude. The Robusta coffee plants grow well even in areas with extremely scanty rainfall. You can identify a slight trace of chocolate in the taste of Robusta. The texture of this coffee is naturally slimmer and makes for frothy, thick iced coffee. 

A lesser known fact about Robusta coffee is that as the name suggests, Robusta coffee helps one maintain a robust immunity since it preserves several medicinal values and natural immune-boosters as well. This coffee variant also contains double the amount of caffeine as compared to Arabica. Thus, if you are seeking a real, super boost every morning, you may want to switch to Robusta for robust rejuvenation. 


Native to central and western Africa, the Liberica coffee beans are one of the most eccentric, unconventional coffee alternatives remotely available across the globe. The beans of liberica coffee are unusual in shape and ooze out a smoky essence amidst the dense coffee taste. Unlike other petite coffee plantations, Liberica trees are usually tall, reaching up to 66 ft in height. This lesser-known coffee variant accounts for only about 1.5% of the global coffee production, thus, making it a rare and rather exquisite choice in commercial coffee markets. You can get your hands on some high-quality Liberica coffee beans online through credible coffee retailers in digital shopping portals. 


Perceived as a sub-variant of the Liberica coffee family, Excelsa is yet another distinctive type of coffee that, unlike its connotation, has a very distinguishable taste as compared to Arabica, Robusta, or even Liberica. Excelsa marks a very minimal presence in the global coffee markets. The availability of this coffee variant is scarce in several parts of the world, sharing little to no popularity on the global coffee maps. 

These were the four main types of coffee beans that are commercially available across the globe. If you are a coffee aficionado and can't go a day without freshly brewed premium coffee, make sure to check out ID Gourmet’s range of exquisite coffee beans and coffee makers available at our online store! Try coffee variants from across the world and take your taste buds for a tour exclusively with ID Gourmet. Happy shopping!

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