6 Reasons Why Manual Coffee Brewing is Irresistible

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If you’re a coffee fanatic, you’d know that making coffee is no short of art. The perfect cup of coffee: a masterpiece. The process of making coffee is scientific, and more than a little controversial, since there are dozens of techniques, and coffee aficionados take their passion very, very seriously. While there are several electric, automated machines commercially available in the markets today, many homes still rely on manual coffee machines for the perfect cup of their routine caffeine needs. 

With a manual coffee machine, you have the chance to personalize every step of your coffee-making ritual – from the ratio of water to coffee, to the temperature, grind size, brew time, and more. Since you can experiment with so many elements of the coffee, you can spend many a lazy afternoon perfecting your dreamy, steamy cup. 

Of course, while purchasing a coffee machine, people often have several personal requirements and priorities - for some, it's about wanting to save time, and for others, it's more important to craft a perfect premium coffee no matter how much time it takes. Thus, it is imperative that you pen down your needs before investing in a pricey coffee maker. If you’re still not able to make up your mind whether you’d like an automatic machine or a manual coffee brewing machine, below are a few of the many reasons why we think that manual coffee brewing is the best.

#1. Flavors and textures 

While of course the the quality of your coffee beans matters the most, manual brewing lets you extract a stronger flavored extraction that can later be diluted with water or milk. The full-immersion machines heighten and focus the innate taste of coffee beans. These machines tend to retain the naturally thick texture of coffee. Furthermore, flavored coffees like hazelnut or vanilla can be created easily in manual brewing machines because there’s an option to experiment with ingredients. 

#2. Exposure 

Manually brewing your own coffee opens up a new world for you. When you get into the habit of brewing yourself a fresh cup every day, you tend to learn a new way of brewing coffee almost every time. You are also automatically exposed to the versatile range of coffee beans from across the globe. You unfurl newer experiences and make new favorites. From coffee pot to Keurig, you fall in love again and again with a new taste each time. 

#3. Pocket Friendly 

Irrespective of which brand you choose, manually brewing coffee machines are always a more affordable alternative to automatic machines. When you’re knocking back as many cups a day as we are, every rupee saving counts! 

#4. Personal Touch

Adding to point number one, manual coffee brewing machines have ample experimental space. You can add or subtract ingredients, create a tiny twist in your brewing process and innovate a completely new, unique coffee that the world has yet to taste. Imagine a loved one coming over and you creating your own special warm cup of coffee. Is there a better language of love? Trust us when we say, a personal touch is a very special ingredient in the whole coffee-making process. In manual coffee brewing, there’s always room for newness. 

#5. Longer drinks

This one may be a little difficult for you to believe, but we’ve observed that manual brewing machines serve longer coffee drinks. This is simply because manual brewing leaves you with a thick, creamy decoction that can later be diluted to whichever coffee beverage it is that you prefer the most. Since the decoction is so thick, the amount of milk or water you’d use for dilution will also increase relatively.

#6. The Charming Factor

If you're old-school when it comes to coffee-making, it’s imperative that you buy yourself a charming little manual coffee maker for an easy and hassle-free coffee-making experience, in comparison to complex coffee-makers. Another bonus to buying a manual coffee maker is that it looks premium and classic, especially if you buy one from ID Gourmet’s range of manual coffee machines.  

These are just a few reasons why we think manual coffee makers are the perfect coffee-making solutions for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the taste of authentic, premium, and rich cups of coffee. If you’re one of them, check out more information about ID Gourmet’s range of premium coffee-makers here.

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