Manual Coffee Machine and Manual Espresso Coffee Machines

ID Gourmet Manual Espresso Coffee Machines can be used either with ground coffee or ESE pods. It varies in their design, body material & dimensions. Get Yours Today!

  • Do you like your coffee your own way? ID Gourmet’s Manual Coffee Machine is just what you need. Ensuring maximum maneuverability, you have full control on all the variables of your coffee, right from the water quantity to coffee concentration. With a manual espresso machine, you can personalize your coffee and have it just how you like it. 
  • The high-quality filter-holder enables you to add ground coffee or ESE pods and personalize the strength of your espresso extract as well as the thickness of the beverage. 
  • Explore our range of exquisite, Italian Manual Coffee machines that’ll blend tastefully in your home or work settings. 
  • ID Gourmet ships to all regions pan-India. You can book your free live demo to know more about manual coffee machines. 


A manual coffee machine empowers you with the flexibility to create your own coffee - control the density, coffee concentration, and other aspects of a coffee. To choose your ideal manual coffee machine, you can simply scroll through the exquisite Gaggia coffee machine collection and make your pick by aligning your expectations - price range, features, model, and more with our selective range of manual coffee makers.

The Gaggia Classic Pro Coffee Machine , Gaggia MD15 Grinder Coffee Machine , Gaggia Classic 30 Coffee Machine , and more are some of the top manual espresso machines in the selective collection of Gaggia Authentic Italian Coffee Makers. Indulge in the most premium coffee-making experience by bagging your favorite Gaggia manual espresso coffee machine today!

The distinctive feature of a manual coffee machine is that it has a filter-holder that can be tamped or dosed with ground coffee to personalize the strength of caffeine in your coffee. You can also control the density and thickness of your espresso coffee since a manual espresso machine naturally extracts coffee oil. Check out the selective range of manual espresso coffee machines by Gaggia and enjoy your cup of steaming hot expresso every morning!

Embracing impeccable Italian craftsmanship, Gaggia’s manual coffee machine delivers long-term user performance and renders exceptional coffee taste by giving you complete autonomy in your coffee-making process. It incorporates several futuristic features to provide you with an extraordinary consumer journey.

There are three types of espresso machines - semi-automatic, automatic Coffee Machines , and super-automatic coffee machines . You can easily scroll through all these types of coffee makers on the online store of Gaggi by ID Gourmet to find your perfect coffee maker. If you need a quick and easy coffee maker, you must choose from some of our automatic solutions. And in case you’d like to experiment and customize your coffees every day, Gaggia’s manual espresso machines are the ideal choice for you!

The amount of coffee to be used per cup entirely depends on the type of taste you’d like - strong or mild, dark or milk, frothy or concentrated. According to your preference, you can experiment with different coffee portions every day. However, on average, you can make ten perfect cups of coffee with no more than 12 ½ tablespoons of medium-grind coffee.

It is extremely easy to clean your Gaggia Manual Coffee Maker. All you have to do is take off the removable filter from the coffee machine and rinse it with room-temperature water. Fill the maker with a mix of vinegar and water and let it stay for some time, wash off easily with water. To clean the rest of your coffee maker, commence by filling the reservoir with the water-vinegar mix and brew the blend, place your filter exactly under the brewing spot and let the machine brew the blend. Rinse off the vinegar-water mix easily and say goodbye to coffee stains instantly.

Amalgamating fine Italian craftsmanship with tech-savvy features and premium design aesthetics, Gaggia’s manual coffee machine renders long-term user performance and provides you with exceptional coffee by giving you complete autonomy in your coffee-making process.

Every coffee fanatic who is passionate about the coffee-making process and enjoys indulging in different tastes of coffee must invest in Gaggia’s manual espresso machines. With the manual setup, you enjoy the freedom to experiment with a versatile range of ingredients to texture your perfect cup of coffee every single time.

While purchasing the perfect manual espresso machine, you must align your price expectations with the price range of the collection. You must also read through the types of espresso drinks and the frequency and quality of drinks that the machine is equipped to create. You will also have to keep in mind the kitchen space and grinder selection that the manual espresso machine has to offer.

Embracing durable Italian craftsmanship, Gaggia’s classic coffee maker is built to last. When used effectively, Gaggia’s classic coffee machine can last for as long as 20 years or more. Stay assured of enjoying the best coffee-making experience throughout your consumer journey with a Gaggia coffee machine.

Yes, Gaggia coffee machines are manufactured in Italy and thus, render exceptional built quality, thereby providing you with the ultimate coffee-making experience in commercial or home settings.