Best Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machines and Espresso Maker Combo

Get Best Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machines and Espresso Maker Combo with one-touch beverage capability, adjustable grinders, 15 bar pressure. Shop Now.

  • If you’re a coffee fanatic who wants coffee-making to be as quick and easy as a breeze, you can get your hands on the best Super Automatic Espresso Machines by ID Gourmet. 
  • The authentic Italian machines are equipped with one-touch beverage capacity, adjustable grinders and  15 bar pressure ensuring that your coffee is ground fresh, tamped perfectly, brewed, and dispensed in seconds. 
  • You can discover a dynamic range of super automatic espresso makers and pick one that resonates with your requirements and budget.       
  • Shop to enjoy a hassle-free shipping experience anywhere across India. You can also book a free demo of ID Gourmet’s Super Automatic Espresso for a detailed walkthrough of its unique specifications. 


A Super-automatic espresso machine is packed with an in-built grinder which makes the coffee-making process fully automatic. All you have to do is choose the coffee beverage of your choice and let the machine do the rest. You can check the wide range of Gaggia’s super-automatic machines for the perfect coffee-makers of your choice.

Yes. Super-automatic machines have an in-built grinder that offers precision in every cup. With premium coffee, you can enjoy lip-smacking espressos all day every day.

It is ever easy to install a Gaggia Velasca prestige . Follow the intricate instruction manual that comes with the machine to create your workspace or home coffee-making set-up within minutes.

The Gaggia Velasca prestige comes with a Gaggia instruction manual to help you through the descaling process. You just have to add the Gaggia cleaning solution into the tiny white gizmo that comes packed with your Gaggia machine and sterilize the machine effectively.

Since the Gaggia Velasca prestige is fairly different from all the other coffee machines, you cannot use the typical vinegar and water solution for the machine. You must use the standard Gaggia cleaning solution to give your Gaggia Velasca prestige a neat cleaning as frequently as convenient.

The intuitive settings of the Gaggia Velasca prestige is simple and convenient. You hold the memo button and click the type of beverage you want, letting the machine create the perfect cup of coffee-based beverage for you. Add milk or water additionally with the relevant button on the instrument cluster.

There are three types of Gaggia Magenta machines - Gaggia Magenta Milk, Gaggia Magenta plus, and Gaggia Magenta Prestige . The prices for the same are Rs. 68,000, Rs. 55,000 and Rs. 75,000 respectively.

There’s one major difference between automatic and super-automatic espresso machines. It is that in an automatic coffee machine you don't have to press the coffee again to stop the flow of water. The machine is engineered with an internal timer that cuts off water flow after a certain time interval - usually 25-30 seconds, thus, you can multitask much better if you have an automatic espresso machine in comparison to a semi-automatic one

If you’re a fan of good espressos, you can check out the premium range of Gaggia super-automatic espresso machines for the perfect coffee solution. The Gaggia Magenta Milk, Gaggia Magenta plus, and Gaggia Magenta Prestige are some of the finest picks in this collection.

Depending on your requirement, you can align the type of budget you want to stick to. Super-automatic machines offer the best convenient and hassle-free coffee-making experience for routine usage. You can skim through the distinctive collection of super-automatic espresso machines by Gaggia to find your pick.