Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to select, purchase, and maintain the right coffee machine for your home or office. For additional information about individual machines, is an excellent resource - and for specific questions, we're available and happy to chat! 

What makes GAGGIA machines unique?

All GAGGIA machines are designed and made in Italy, and they combine great design with advanced technology to produce the perfect espresso, every time. Since the 1930s, GAGGIA has been synonymous with great coffee, and credited with the patented brewing methodology that gives us much-loved crema - the soft golden layer, a mark of a great espresso.

What’s the difference between manual, automatic, and superautomatic machines?

First, here’s what they have in common: they all make great espresso.

Manual machines only use ground coffee or ESE pods, while automatic and superautomatic use whole beans (some can also use ground coffee).

Superautomatic machines are entirely one-touch, so even the milk steaming, frothing, and pouring is done by the machine - versus manual and automatic, where you use a steam wand for milk.

What’s the price range for these machines?

  • Manual: INR 18,000-43,000
  • Automatic: 56,000-81,000
  • Superautomatic: INR 72,000-1,67,000

How many cups per day can a machine produce?

Between 10 and 60 - it depends on which machine you select.

Do these machines require a water connection?

These are tabletop machines that don’t require a water connection. You only need access to a power outlet.

How do I clean my machine?

Every 8-12 cups, you will have to dispose of the used coffee and water. Some automatic and super-automatic machines also offer auto-clean features for a little extra cleaning.

How often does the machine require servicing?

We recommend about every 6 months for a regular cleanup and descale, but this may vary based on your usage - we will speak with you to set up a basic servicing schedule.

Do you deliver across India?

Yes! We deliver across India, but require you to send your machine back to our Mumbai workshop for servicing.

Do you offer warranties?

Yes! We offer a 1-year warranty on all machines, followed by an optional annual maintenance contract (AMC).