Latte Art For Beginners: 5 Easy latte art designs tips

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Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye. it is about having the capacity of beautifying everything that comes within your sight, even your morning coffee! That's right. Why wait for the barista to create a quirky little design for you when you can do so on your own as well? Now get off Pinterest and head onto your kitchen to create these elegant and super easy latte designs on your morning coffee or evening cups. Unfurl the fun and coffee with these quick and easy latte art designs.

What do you need to make any of these aesthetic latte designs? You definitely do not need an expensive professional design kit at this point, since you’re just starting. You only need four basic things and you’re good to go. These are:

  •  A pitcher/jug 
  •  A mug 
  • A toothpick
  • And an espresso machine because a layer of froth cannot be created without the machine. 

And of course, you’d also need the essential ingredients of coffee - milk, coffee powder, chocolate syrup, and any other flavoring that you prefer. 


Tip #1 - Master Creamy Foam Making

Before we learn any of the latte designs, let us quickly glance through the process of making the perfect thick, creamy foam for your coffee. You first start with steaming the milk. Ensure that you do not boil the milk before steaming it. Once the milk becomes nice and steamy, you must quickly swirl it a bit and pour it into your pitcher or jug.

Tip #2 - Always Use An Espresso Maker

You may be wondering why it is so important to own an espresso machine to make this artsy style of coffee. Here’s why! An espresso machine is equipped to automatically blend your milk so quickly and so effectively that a thick layer of foam is formed within seconds of steaming. When you ordinarily boil milk on the stove, you simply heat instead of condensing and accumulating the thickness or moisture of the milk. Thus, you’ll notice that barista-style coffee is always thicker than homemade coffee. You can check out the exclusive range of Gaggia coffee machines to get your hands on a high-performing and premium-quality espresso maker.  

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Tip #3 - Choose The Right Espresso Beans

If you are a coffee lover, you know that every coffee powder and every coffee bean is extremely different in taste, texture, and aroma. Similarly, espresso beans are also entirely different in all of the above characteristics. To ensure that you master the recipe to a creamy, thick cappuccino or espresso, you must pick espresso powder or beans that resonate with your recipe. Certain espresso beans do not create the kind of decoction that you require for your recipe, thus, choose accordingly and experiment with a distinctive range of espresso beans before you finally find the perfect match. 

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Tip #4 - Start With Chocolate Syrup Designs

Latte designs created with chocolate syrups are by far the easiest type of designs that you can master. You don’t have to do much to create a gorgeous-looking chocolate syrup design for your latte. All you have to do is steam your milk in the espresso machine and once the foam is formed, gently pour it into the mug directly with an espresso shot. You will notice that a thick layer of froth is formed at the top of the mug creating a canvas for your masterpiece. Take your chocolate syrup bottle and hold it in a pen-like position to create abstract curves or circular loops on the foam layer. You can then use your toothpick and draw through these curves and circles to form mandala-style designs on your regular latte. You can then move to more advanced shapes like hearts, bears, the famous rosetta, or other barista classics and awaken the true artist within you! 

Tip #5 - Extravagance is good

There are no limitations to your creativity. After you've created the perfect design for yourself, you can always top it up and garnish it with cinnamon powder or marshmallows. Let your creativity run wild and express yourself in the form of coffee, art, and design. Whether it is a cup of hot chocolate for your kids or a good old cappuccino for your loved one, you can always express your love and gratitude towards someone with a creative and delicious cup of coffee. 

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