Best Professional Gelato Machines

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  • Equipped with fixed and removable bowls that retrieve the moisture and creaminess of authentic Italian Gelato, making frozen treats has never been easier. 
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Gelatos and Ice-cream are two extremely different desserts. While Giletos are Italian, ice creams are American with much more carbs. The machines for gelato are also different from typical ice cream makers. These machines are engineered to retrieve the moist and creamy texture of authentic Italian gelato.

Yes. When compared to a scoop of ice cream, Gelatos offer fewer calories, lower fat content, and lesser sugar in each scoop. While a typical serving of vanilla gelato contains 90 calories and 3 grams of fats, vanilla ice cream contains 125 calories and 7 grams of fat. Thus, gelato is definitely a healthier alternative.

To make the perfect, authentic Italian gelato, you will need the right Gelato maker that preserves the moist, creamy texture of tasty gelato. You can check out the exquisite collection of Gaggia Gelato makers to find your pick. Some of the best selections of this range are - Gelato Chef 3L I-Green Gelato Machine and Gelatissimo Exclusive Gelato Machine.

Unfortunately, you cannot create authentic Italian gelato in a soft serve machine since it is not equipped to retain the moisture of gelato and blend the mixture into a thick and creamy form. You will have to invest in a good Gelato machine to create authentic Italian Gelato.

Yes, Gelato is essentially made with milk. However, you can also experiment with a lot of vegan alternatives like soy and almond milk to attain the same creamy Gelato.

Yes, you can easily make all types of ice creams with your Gaggia Gelato maker. All you have to do is add the essential ingredients in your milk-based blend and let the machine do its magic!

The best, most cost-effective and aesthetically-pleasing Gaggia machines include the Gelato Chef 3L I-Green Gelato Machine and Gelatissimo Exclusive Gelato Machine .

Yes, gelato is an essentially frozen dessert. However, it is creamier and moister than typical ice cream. Setting the perfect temperature and condensation is a difficult task. You can now count on Gaggia’s Gelato machine to make the creamiest, tastiest Gelatos.

If you’re a fanatic of frozen desserts, it is much wiser and more economical to bring home a compact ice cream maker. You can choose from the distinctive Gaggia Gelato Machines that offer you the autonomy to create any and every type of Gelatos and Ice Creams easily and effectively!