Gelato Chef 3L Automatic


  • Rs. 174,000.00
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Gelato Chef 3L AUTOMATIC is the latest development in the Nemox range and the result of more than 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing of gelato machines for both household and professional use.

Gelato Chef 3L AUTOMATIC prepares your gelato and, when ready, it automatically stores it in the machine, and keep it at the right temperature as

long as needed!

The software developed by Nemox allows to detect the density of your gelato. When the preparation has reached a determined consistency, the software automatically stops the mixing motor and switches to storage mode.


Net Weight - 15.4 Kg. - 33.9 lb

Appliance dimensions (W/D/H) - cm. 40x32x30 || in 15.7x12.6x11.8


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