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The KUBE MILL coffee grinder has been meticulously designed and built to guarantee quality, safety and reliability over time.

KUBE MILL coffee grinder is made in accordance with the most up-to date technological innovations. Following carefully the simple operations of use contained in this manual, which comply with essential safety regulations, you will get the best performances and notice the remarkable reliability of this product over the years.

1 Main switch
2 Coffee bean container
3 Micro-switch
4 Grinding regulation knob

The KUBE MILL coffee grinder has the following features:
• Fully stainless steel construction.
• The grinding is done at once by the pressure of the filter holder.
• On a micro-switch.
• Conical grinding wheels in stainless steel.

Follow these rules carefully:
– The KUBE MILL coffee grinder should only be used for the purpose for which it was made.
– Improper use of the machine can cause damage to persons and property for which the manufacturer cannot be held responsible.
– Always contact a qualified service center or the manufacturer for operations other than those described in the instruction book and for all types of repairs.
– Make sure the mains voltage is the same as the data on the rating plate.
– Make sure the electric power system is compatible with the data on the rating plate.
– The coffee grinder should be well and safety grounded. Have the system checked if you have any doubts.
– Make sure the power system is equipped with a safety cutoff that works properly and that the cross section of the cables is sufficient for the power absorbed.
– For any type of malfunction or problems not specified here, unplug the machine and do not attempt to check and/or repair it yourself. Contact a qualified service center or the manufacturer.

To start the KUBE MILL coffee grinder follow the instructions below:
– Open the external packing and take the grinder out. Inspect the grinder to ascertain that it is intact and in good condition.
– Position the grinder on a flat surface.
– Press the main switch(1).
– Pour coffee beans into the coffee grinder container (2).
– The coffee grinder is set for optimum

Do not change the setting on the coffee grinder while it is in use.
– For coarser coffee turn the grinding regulation knob (4) counter-clockwise , and for finer grinding turn it clockwise.
– Use the filter holder with the 1 cup filter for one cup of coffee, and the two cup filter for two cups of coffee at the same time.
– Rest the filter holder on the micro-switch of the coffee grinder (3) to grind the coffee.
– Detach the filter holder from the micro-switch (3) when you have enough coffee.
– Press the freshly ground coffee slightly with a presser

– The warranty will be invalidated and the manufacturer will not accept liability for any damage due to failure to follow the instructions in this manual.
– For operations other than those described contact a qualified service center or the manufacturer.
– Use of the machine in any other way than as contemplated in the instructions will relieve LA PAVONI and all sales outlets of any liability for damage to persons or property.
– LA PAVONI assures the user of full collaboration for any clarification necessary

Hopper capacity 300gr 
Motor power 100W 
Millstone diam. 38mm 
Width / depth / height 130 / 200 / 310 
Weight 3kg